Gaining & Losing

Gaining and Losing follows the story of Nina, a promising prima ballerina ready to redefine her career after giving it all up to seek treatment for a life-threatening eating disorder. She gathers her two best friends to celebrate a milestone in her recovery. Mia, a support group friend, understands Nina on a personal level, having overcome similar struggles. Tara, Nina’s longtime best friend and fellow dancer, is trying to cope with the changes in their friendship, while making sense of Nina’s new way of life. When Nina’s worlds collide, who will she keep alongside her on the road to recovery?

30 million people in the United States suffer from eating disorders. Every 62 minutes 1 of them dies. Gaining and Losing focuses on the road to recovery and its many challenges. We are committed to helping shed light on the world within the eating disorder recovery support community. Please visit our Seed and Spark Campaign crowdfunding page below to help us make this film possible! 

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It is our hope that while making this film, we will form partnerships with non-profit companies committed to eating disorder treatment and recovery. We hope to share their resources with our audiences at festivals and screenings, as well as share our film with their organizations through events and screenings. Your contribution will go a long way towards shedding light on this issue and bringing together resources and services for those affected. We look forward to having you on this storytelling journey with us. Thank you for your support, we appreciate it very much!

Video edited by Karina Vily

VidVideo edited by Karina Vily